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Bayo Oyewole,
President KCOBANA

Message from the President

In 1909, at the time of the founding of our alma mater King's College Lagos, no prognosticator could have foretold the eclipse of the British Empire, the most expansive realm in history, over which it is said, the sun never set! In those early years of the 20th Century, the United States of America was recovering from a destructive civil war, and Canada was a British Colony. It was not surprising therefore, that most graduating Kingsmen in the Colonial era set their higher education sights on the famous tertiary institutions of the United Kingdom. In that far-gone age, it took an intrepid soul indeed, to embark on an odyssey on the uncharted seas of North American education, in search of the "golden fleece" of higher learning.

Notable amongst the first of the King's College Old Boys to set sail for the Americas was the man who was to become the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme. Enrolled at King's in 1945, he was one of the first Nigerian beneficiaries of the Fulbright Scholarship, which sponsored his studies in Architecture at the University of Washington. After Dr. Ekwueme's generation, and with the ascent of America as a Superpower, there was a surge of Old Boys resetting their compasses, to sail to Universities across the Atlantic, rather than across the Mediterranean.

While most Kingsmen of that generation returned home to participate in nation building in the post independence era, subsequent generations of Kingsmen from this transmigration set roots, built lives, raised families and contributed meaningfully to a North American society that had become home. They represented part of the growing Nigerian diaspora in North America. The net effect is that Kingsmen studying, working and living in the Americas probably number in the thousands. Several have become industry sector leaders and society role models in North America while always maintaining empathy and meaningful linkages with our birth country Nigeria.

Kingsmen have an immeasurable bond with our alma mater King's College Lagos. KCOBANA will provide the platform, forum and fabric to enable social and professional networking between Kingsmen in North America as we seek also to transfer value to the good old school.

Floreat Collegium
Bayo Oyewole,
President KCOBANA