King's College Old Boys Association of North America

School Song

1. Floreat Collegium shall our motto be
Let us shout it boldly for her sons are we
Nurtured in her classrooms in our early youth
Where we learn to cherish chivalry and truth
Learn to pull together each one with the rest
Playing up and striving each to do his best


This shall be our watchword, always play the game
Sound the old school's praises, trumpet forth her fame
Though of many nations we will not forget
That we all are brothers with a common debt
Let us pay by giving as we forge ahead
Service to the living, honor to our dead

2. This is what they teach us in the good old school
Only by obedience may you learn to rule
If you fail look closely, seek the reason why
You have power to conquer if you only try
Others went before you and attained the light
Where they wait to cheer you victors in the fight.


3. Present, past and future from one mighty whole
Shining forth emblazoned on a muster roll
When the call is sounded, all must answer "HERE"
Voice and bearing showing neither shame nor fear
Pointing to our honor, which untarnished stands
Bright as when we took it from our founder's hands.


King's College, Lagos
(Founded in 1909)